Mount Fuji Panoramic Print

Mount Fuji Panoramic Print

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Like many artists, I have long had the Mount Fuji bug. When I visited Japan in late 2017, it was at the top of my “must see” list. To ensure we went to the best places for seeing Mount Fuji, and to better understand what we were looking at, we booked a guided tour instead of trying to plan an itinerary ourselves. My only worry for the visit was that the weather would occlude the peak, or even the entire mountain. Fortunately, on the day of our pilgrimage, the weather was clear and crisp. The sky was a deep blue, and there was only a small cloud at the top of the mountain itself. With the tones of the sky and the mountain itself in such contrast to the ragged, windswept cloud that seemed to fly from the snowy peak like a flag, there was no question in my mind that the image had to be done in black and white.

This print is about 34" wide (86 cm) wide. I made it on a traditional baryta photography paper, using a high-dynamic range, archival ink-set. The folks at 17th Avenue Framing did the matting and the framing using archival acid-free mats and museum grade, anti-reflective 99% UV ray protection glass. 

This product ships locally to Calgary only, unless you order the unframed version. The unframed version ships in a roll container by Canada Post.

A print of this image is on-display at the 2018 Artpoint Gallery and Studios Member Exhibit.